Groundwater Stats Consulting​​

Your Partner in Groundwater Monitoring Data Analysis

Groundwater Stats Consulting offers the following:

Statistical expertise for selection and implementation of appropriate and approved statistical methods on a site-specific basis

Developing site-specific Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs)
Our SAPs include decision logic for choosing the most appropriate statistical method in a given situation based on the characteristics, such as normality or fraction of nondetects, of a particular data set. Our methodology is heavily reliant upon both graphical and nonparametric methods that are widely applicable and appropriate for groundwater quality data analysis and reporting.

Screening of groundwater data
Background screening includes identification of outliers, spatial variability, seasonality, trends, changing detection limits—all of which need to be accounted for in obtaining a representative background data set.

Statistical analyses utilizing the Sanitas statistical software package for groundwater
Sanitas is fully compliant with current EPA Unified Guidance on Statistical Analysis of Groundwater Monitoring Data at Regulated Facilities.

Review of independently prepared statistical analyses

In-house training on relevant statistical concepts and methods
Topics include background data screening, graphical methods, handling nondetects, choosing and implementing appropriate parametric or nonparametric tests, significance level and power of tests.

Site-specific discussions with state regulatory agencies
We are available to assist you in your groundwater statistical needs.  Contact our office at 913.829.1470 to discuss custom services and pricing.