Groundwater Stats Consulting​​

Your Partner in Groundwater Monitoring Data Analysis

Why Groundwater Stats Consulting?

"I have worked in the industry as an engineering consultant for almost 20 years.  The application of groundwater statistical analyses in a correct and defensible manner is a complex undertaking.  Kristina Rayner is a premier leading national expert in groundwater statistics. No one understands this stuff better than her team.  From traditional MSW landfill programs to complex CCR sites, Kristina is able to explain her craft in a clear and enlightening way. If you work with GWS, you will be working with the #1 national experts." - Christopher J. Snider, PE*, PG** - EPC Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO

"Kristina Rayner, founder of Groundwater Stats Consulting, expertly demystifies groundwater statistics with such enthusiasm that you leave her classes and presentations genuinely excited to run your own statistics.  The Sanitas software, developed by her and the team at Sanitas Technologies for the past 20+ years, is intuitive and easy to use.  In addition to statistically analyzing data, it can generate time series, trend plots, as well as piper and stiff diagrams on demand.  The team of experts at Groundwater Stats Consulting helps us perform statistical analysis under State solid waste rules and has been an invaluable resource since the promulgation of the Federal CCR Rule.  We are privileged to have Groundwater Stats as an extension of our team."   - Lauren Petty, P.G. Southern Company Services, Birmingham, AL